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Rituals Cosmetics is a brand dedicated to sustainable and personal wellbeing in the beauty luxury industry.  As a foremost founder of integrating bath, body and home care into a single portfolio, Rituals embraces the lifestyle of transforming everyday routines into more meaningful moments. Each product is inspired by an ancient tradition allowing you to find happiness in the smallest of things. With an expansive innovation portfolio in body care, home fragrances, natural skin care and home wear, Rituals invites the consumer to enrich their world with wellbeing moments.  Founded in Amsterdam in 2000, Rituals has since been established as a global industry expert in over 36 countries present in vibrant cities such as London, Paris and Hong Kong with more than 1000 stores, 3480 shop-in-shops, 5 body spas and world’s first Mind Spa.  Dedicated to its Clean, Conscious and Caring approach, Rituals is a proud Certified B CorporationTM. As part of Rituals’ commitment to continuously improve its social & environmental impact, the brand is focused on 90% natural origin formulas and packaging that’s either refillable, recyclable or made of recycled material. Next to that, Rituals is an avid supporter of 3 charities. In a world of luxury brands, Rituals aims to be the forerunner in the luxury standard of bringing beauty and wellbeing together in a sustainable future. For more information, please visit www.rituals.com.

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